About Edi

Welcome to my world of enthusiasm, curiosity, and adventure!Hi, my name is Edi. I'm excited to share my stories about Philippine culture, food, travel, photography, and remote nursing jobs. I'm also passionate about writing poetry and nonfiction, painting, and drawing.As a clinical nurse auditor and legal nurse consultant, I strive to drive positive change in the field. I embrace adventure and capture fleeting moments through my camera lens. I express myself through poetry and aspire to become an artist, exploring visual and literary arts.I love making delicious Filipino desserts in the kitchen and celebrating my culture's richness.I invite you to join me on an extraordinary journey through captivating stories, inspiring insights, and practical guidance. Together, we'll create a world where our passions flow freely and inspire others to embrace their unique journeys.Step closer to the edge, feel the exhilarating mist, and let the current of passion carry you forward. Together, we'll create a world where our passions flow freely, inspiring others to embrace their unique journeys. The adventure awaits—are you ready to dive into the flow? Let’s go!